The Tide

This is today’s tide table for Dover.  Big, BIG, Spring tides.  

Low Tide 05:43 (1.46m)
High Tide 10:44 (6.23m)
Low Tide 18:04 (1.25m)
High Tide 23:14 (6.33m)

Bernard set off at 08.52, so had under two hours of incoming tide before it turned at 10.44.  It’s now headed out – hard – and taking him with it: parallel to France  and NE in the shipping channel rather than SE towards France (thanks Donal Buckley for that info).


The track will look lovely on his channel swim chart when he swings back – but it must be hard going now!!   The tide won’t turn fully back into his favour until 6pm but he should start to get some benefit by about 4pm and we should see his turn beginning on the tracker. Hopefully the tide will ease his path and pull him SE into France from then on!  

“Ease” is a relative term – there’s nothing easy about this day out.

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