Gougane Barra Swim results 2014

From Tadhg Harrington:

Thanks to all who participated in last Saturday’s swim, and those who helped.

The general consensus was that it was longer than usual. One lap between 2.75-3km. Two over 5km?

When the shore monitors reported back they said everyone, bar one (me) had at some point or other ,stood up and walked during the swim. Therefore according to the rules of International Open Water Swimming, everyone (except me), is disqualified. Bog snorkeling can be incorporated in an open water swim without prior notice. When you encountered shallow water, you should have bog snorkled.    LOL. Only joking. Thanks to Mags and Paul for timekeeping. And Isolda and Tim for registration.

Gougane Barra Results 2014 One Lap

Gougane Barra Swim Results 2014 Two Laps

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