Cold Water Swimming and Hypothermia – a talk by Ned Denison

January 18th in The Edge Sports, Kinsale Road Commercial Park, Ned Denison will be sharing his considerable experience on Cold Water Swimming and Hypothermia. We’re lucky to have someone available in Cork with Ned’s background in open water swimming in Ireland and around the world , so this is one to go along for.

The timing will be interesting as more than 10 local swimmers will be headed to the cold water champions in London the next week, to compete in 3 to 5C waters…with several trying to join the International Ice Swimming Association by logging a 1 mile swim in an open air lido.  Ned will cover:

  • How do the locals in togs do it?
  • What do they think?
  • How does one prepare?
  • How can I shed my wetsuit in the summer months?

Ned has also prepared presentation on hypothermia to give the real facts.

Contact Ned Denison to book or with any queries:

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