Sea Swimming is bad for you. Honest. Stay away.

Conclusive proof in The Times today of something I’ve been saying for ages. People need to stop coming to Myrtleville to swim. It’s cold and it’s bad for you. No doubt about it. Proven in a headline (don’t read the article, just trust me – and the headline).

Do yourself a favour. Go to the pool. No need to be parking in the limited spaces at the top of the slip. No need at all. Bad for you. Cold, too.

2 thoughts on “Sea Swimming is bad for you. Honest. Stay away.

  1. The question can only be answered through use of a double blind trial whereby one group of people will not be allowed to swim in the sea and another group will continue to swim in the sea. Both groups then compared after a few years to see which group fared better in terms of mortality and disease. Could be the makings of a very entertaining lottery to see who is banned from sea swimming.

    • Sounds like a great idea. One small tweak would be that the group selected to continue sea swimming can only do so in Fountainstown or Youghal or d’Island down West – anywhere, really, except Myrtleville. I’d support that.

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