Christmas Party: November 27, 2015

Breda Maguire is organising our Christmas night out (in November).   She’s jealously guarding the guest list, so if you want to go you can petition her nicely to be allowed (I made that up, absolutely everyone is welcome 🙂 )

It’s from 7.00pm in Goldberg’s on Friday, November 27th.  Please let Breda Maguire know by this Friday, 20th,  if you are attending – so she can give numbers to the venue.  No food, just juice drinks and healthy waters (that’s at Good Food Gary’s table) or lashings of pints (in the Cregan-Condon Corner).


1 thought on “Christmas Party: November 27, 2015

  1. Thankyou Damien for putting this up….There is no finger food now as people only want DRINK.. I need to let Goldbergs know the official numbers by the 20th so if people could let me know asap it would be great…..Ta Breda

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