July & August swim times

Planned swim times for Myrtleville Beach. These are the times most likely that a group will assemble. Email myrtlevilleswimmers@gmail.com if you’re interested any day.  Or tweet @Berlyn1966.

These times can vary earlier or later, so definitely check in advance if you’re coming on your own.  With holiday – and racing – season here, there are potentially some mornings when a group will not assemble.  Swim at your own risk. Don’t swim alone. Always swim in groups.

  • Monday: 18:00
  • Tuesday: 06:15
  • Wednesday: 06:15
  • Friday: 06:15
  • Saturday: 08:15

Liner adds a nice backdrop

The regular busy Monday night crews on the beach last night.  James Slowey (Snr) had his usual couch-potato weekend – just a quick Olympic Tri on Saturday to stretch the legs.  With the sea temperature in Kilkee for the event up around 15c, we’re starting to wonder what we’re doing wrong in Cork: still closer to 12c here but we’re now so used to it we think it’s fine.  James Slowey (Jnr) – AKA “the young fella” – did a good 500m swim last night also.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

James Slowey Snr, James Slowey Jnr & Ronan McCarthy

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Great to see some of the next generation of Myrtleville Swimmers going in last night.

The Crosshaven Women’s Synchronised Swimming team continued their extensive preparations to be the first team to complete the Crosshaven Challenge in perfect harmony.

Open Water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Synchronised Swimming – Michelle Glossop-Smyth and Ger Venner.

Our “Safety Boat” was back for another evening of photo opportunities…

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Harry Casey, Ger Venner, Michelle Glossop-Smyth, Fiona Gough, Joleen Cronin, Siobhan Russell – and the Safety boat 🙂

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

One wave out, next one in – Myrtleville Mondays are busy

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Coming back to the beach – what a view.

Thanks, as always, to Siobhan Russell for the pictures.